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About Us

Our Mission:

To form a team dedicated to providing superior land restoration and reclamation services by creating successful long lasting partnerships with our customers. We pledge to maintain the highest levels of service, professionalism, integrity, safety, and honesty. To help fulfill this mission, we will foster a work environment that encourages ongoing education, new innovations, and professional growth.

We take great pride in our accomplishments and strive to do the best, every time.

Our Team:

President Trisha Mead Trisha Mead
Vice President Levi Mead Levi Mead
General Manager Neal Matosky Neal Matosky
Division Manager Aaron Easley Aaron Easley
Operations Manager Cole Nichols Cole Nichols
Operations Manager Dennis Astapenkov Aaron Bratholt
Stormwater Superintendent Lars Ribbens Lars Ribbens
Seeding Superintendent Jason Pontine Jason Pontine
Fleet Manager Aaron Bratholt Aaron Bratholt
Office Manager Alicia Nichols Alicia Nochols
Bookkeeper Chuck Smith Chuck Smith
Founder (Retired) Juliann Campbell-Hastie Juliann Campbell-Hastie

Our History:

Our growth is attributed to honesty, hard work, and always striving to do the best quality of work.

Horizon Environmental Services
A dream that became reality.
Horizon Environmental Services, Inc. has very humble beginnings. It was simply a vision of a need for a restoration company that offered more than just reseeding, weed control or stormwater services. It was a vision of a company that offers it's clients a wholistic approach and long term restoration planning. It quickly became a dream when Juliann, who was teaching public education, decided to go to an IECA conference and was asked to bid on a 50 mile pipeline restoration. On April Fool's Day, Horizon was awarded that project and that dream became a reality! We have never looked back.
Two people became forty.
Levi and Juliann became a two-person team, and both wore every hat imaginable to get this new endeavor off the ground. Horizon began at Juliann's kitchen table and now is located on 8.5 acres in the Animas Airpark in Durango, CO. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team Horizon has grown to over 40 full time employees and now operates all over the four corners region.
Horizon Environmental Services
Horizon Environmental Services
We make a difference!
We believe that our good fortune and growth is attributed to honesty, hard work, always striving to do the best quality of work on every project, and enjoying what we do. Because we do make a difference!